Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can't Wait

I hope this works


Longer Please.

Not entirely sure...



She is sooo sweet.


Who needs men...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toads bad, woman wonderful.


Hmmm, Either she is...
A: to why this man who just came in her mouth is laughing.
B: Pissed...because she wanted him in her ass.
C: Coming off of her Extasy high and realizes that after the guy came in her pussy, this oral creampie just made her binding to the suit 5 times quicker.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The final Step.

What's the Point!

Read the fine print yourself.


Going out as Erin

A Short Story...

There was an unmistakable feeling of acute anticipation in my stomach leading out to my trembling hands. I knew where I was going tonight and the probable outcome.

Shaved, made-up sexy, dressed in a 3in heeled mini boot, fishnet stockings with a garter, black pleated short skirt, a white blouse with ¾ length arms exposing fishnet arm warmers to a stunning black straight haired wig, didn’t help the situation any.

Going dressed like this to a man’s lair and offering myself to him…I was quite apprehensive to say the least. Will he accept me? Will he go arm in arm with me through the park? Yes, it will be just after dark but, I would be out there doing my best to be his woman after all. The feeling of vulnerability is going to be high.

I sure hope he protects me and makes me feel safe.

The walk was beautiful and he would periodically lower his hand to my bottom and give it a stroke and a light pinch to let me know he approved. The Coconut Rum and Pepsi I was drinking made me feel so much better about being with him even though I don’t think I needed it.

Once we entered his apartment, and I am not sure if it was the alcohol or not, but being the object of his desire turned me on in a way that I have not felt before. The tension definitely rose as he brought me close to him in the dim light. He held me in his arms and brought his lips towards mine.

What confusion I felt as I started to kiss him. I wasn’t myself but I didn’t see myself as Ms. Erin either. Not yet anyways, but I was coming to the realization that I was going to make love to this man as he saw me and that brought me to take the passion of a kiss to a higher level. He wanted me as I was now, and Not what I was this morning! The feelings between us were growing and the understanding that kissing wasn’t enough, overtook us.

To reach down and stroke his cock while he gropes my ass, kissing me like lovers kiss with tongues intertwined…I knew I was meant to be Erin at this very moment. Fully committed and without fear.

The feeling of power, wrapping my hand around his rock hard shaft, knowing it was me that made it aroused, gently pulling it forward and backward making him moan was a luxurious feeling. To take my place as his woman, I knew what I had to do next.

Finding me on all fours with less clothing on either of us and with his cock in my mouth, his musky scent of arousal was permeating all of my senses was being overtaken by the sweet tangy taste of his precum. I want his cum in my mouth. I want to taste his hot, saucy sperm and let it slide along my tongue and settle to the back of my throat where I can swallow it knowing what it is to be his girl, to please him, and to accept his essence.

While in my own blissful state, he askes me if I want to be his girl. I was riding a high so great that I would have said anything just then. I did think about it for a short moment and while holding him in my mouth, I pulled back, looked up and and with a wide grin, I gave him a breathy but emphatic, "Yes!"

"Follow me," he said. "Hold out your wrists."

He placed a pair of nylon soft, but very secure, cuffs on them and asked me to sit on my bottom to place two on my ankles. "My Gosh!" I was thinking. "He wants to make me prove it by submitting to him." "And he is also placing a collar and leash on me. Oh Shit!" The level of nervousness and anticipation outweighed what I was feeling before I came here earlier this evening.

While leading me to another room, he turned around and held me tight giving me a long, full and sensual open mouth kiss. Good thing he was holding me so tight. My legs were getting quite wobbly with all of the intense feelings and adrenalin coursing through my body.

"I am going to take you mind and body places you have not gone before and you will want to be mine to experience the pleasures you are about to receive again and again. Last chance. Do you want to be my girl?" he said in a low, sexy voice that dripped of honey and fire.

I said yes in a soft and trembling voice. I followed him into his bedroom where I was to begin my initiation, submission, and bonding to my man.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

First post introduction...

Greetings All.  I hope to make regular contributions to this blog of my thoughts and "Special" interests that I have.  Some may be somewhat mundane and others will be extended to a more ... Hmm...Adult nature.

Happy reading.